Bob Grobengieser



Artist Statement

I have dabbled in art for most of my life; however, I have only started painting on a regular basis since my retirement several years ago. Having spent most of my career in animal feeds and additives, I have an agricultural background that gives me great appreciation for the rural landscapes of Lancaster County. Many of my paintings reflect this love of fields and farmlands, but I also paint many other subjects—seascapes, city scenes, and anything else that captures my imagination.

I paint realistically, aiming to come close in detail to what I see in God’s creation. My works also show a common focus on sunshine and light.  The sky itself with its incredible, ever-changing display of clouds, colors and moods has and will continue to provide unlimited inspiration. In this perspective I am reminded that we are all part of the miracle of creation, and while we generally prefer to live in the warmth and comfort of sunlight, we should remember that dark hues and shadows can and do add a special texture and fullness to our lives.

I became connected with the Friendship Heart Gallery several years ago because of my son, who is part of Friendship Community. The Heart Gallery provides a splendid opportunity for me to both volunteer in the studio and share display space with the gifted Heart Artists.