Diane Lausch

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Artist Statement

I have been knitting since I was a young girl, when my grandmother moved in with my family. I idolized her, and I loved to knit alongside her. I still have many of my grandmother’s beautiful knitted and crocheted wraps and blankets.

I didn’t knit much once I started my own family, but I picked it up again in 2005 after my children were grown and I had more time. I began knitting the scarves that were really popular at the time, but I wanted to do something beyond that. I began to research felting and made my first felted bag at a Kit Knit workshop. I was hooked on the process right away.

I love the excitement and complete transformation of a bag after it goes through the felting process—that’s what really keeps me going. I continue to search out the most unique bag patterns and embellishments, and I have taught myself many new stitches along the way. My grandmother would be very proud of me.  I think of her a lot when I am knitting.