Gladys Zeiset



Artist Statement

Art has always been an interest of mine. I get inspired by God’s creation whether it’s the delicate petal of a flower or the beauty that surrounds us with the change of seasons. I am primarily a self-taught artist although I have taken advantage of a workshop locally and some long-distance learning. My background includes chalk talks for groups, murals and commissions. I enjoy working with oils and acrylics. My paintings are mainly still life, florals, snow scenes, seascapes, animals and birds. I have enjoyed doing some portraits also.

Besides selling art in the Friendship Heart Gallery, I attend the Lititz Art Show the last Saturday in July and also the Landis Woods Art Show the last Saturday in September. I always have originals, prints and note cards available for purchase. Additional work is available on my website:

Through the years my art has been therapeutic as I cared for two sons with special needs. Even though time was limited for painting, caring for our sons has been an experience I would never give up. When a piece of art doesn’t meet my expectations, I have the liberty to throw it away. Our sons who may not meet the expectations of society today are of great value to God and to the people that love them. We are so thankful for Friendship Community who is committed to creating a safe place where individuals with disabilities can find hope and opportunity and where each one can be helped to reach their fullest potential. We are thankful that our sons, Craig and Anthony are now served by Friendship.