Feature Artists: February 2019

    Diana is an independent artist who shows great focus and control with her painting. A pleasant and bubbly individual, Diana’s face especially lights up when she finishes a painting. She is a focused worker and most enjoys painting landscapes, cityscapes, flowers and animals. Diana’s works often have a remarkable texture and depth, a result of her precise and deliberate brushstroke technique. Outside of the Studio, Diana enjoys seeing musical theater and preparing dinner with her boyfriend, Ben.

    Karen is a caring and compassionate artist who takes a lot of pride in her work and loves using bold and bright colors. A member of the Tuesday class, Karen is an avid animal lover and often includes horses in her artwork. She is complimentary of her classmates’ work and takes a lot of pride in her own successes. Karen loves to know as soon as a painting sells, because she saves her Gallery earnings for her traveling adventures.