Feature Artists: June 2019

    Briahna joined the Studio in January 2015. She is an enthusiastic artist who vigorously uses her brush to create unique textures and strokes--her style is extremely impressionistic. She is very inquisitive and willing to do whatever it takes to make a piece successful. Once done with a painting, Bri will always ask, “Are we going to paint more?”; nothing seems to curb her enthusiasm! When she’s in class you see her soul come alive and her genuine excitement for all that occurs in the studio. She loves listening to music and is always ready to discuss whatever she hears.

    Elliott is a member of the Friday half day class. He is laidback and often the voice of reason in his chaotic class! While at the studio, Elliott freely tosses his brush across the paper and creates unique landscapes that incorporate a variety of distinct textures. Elliott enjoys painting with blues and greens in large patches and enjoys learning new mediums.