Heart Artists

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Adam D.

Adam is a member of the Monday and Tuesday class. His favorite subjects include landscapes and a wide range of animals. Adam has a very steady hand which allows him to capture the fine details of his paintings. He enjoys trying new mediums and techniques but also loves working with acrylics and pastels. He is shy when meeting new people but soon warms up to them and is usually seen with a smile on his face.

Adam M.

Adam is a dynamic member of the Tuesday and Friday day class. He is an exuberant artist with an extensive imagination and skill set. Adam creates unique textures in his paintings by using varying techniques, and excels in landscapes as well as animals. He is kind and compassionate and is always quick to make his fellow classmates laugh!

Amber B.

Amber walks into the studio on Thursday nights and is ready to paint. She can usually be seen with pink and purple on her brush as she paints with articulate detail. She loves to express herself through her art and has a bold love for temporary tattoos, which she shows off proudly.

Amy B.

Amy has been painting since she was a child, and she is one of the earliest artists at the Heart Gallery participating since 2007. She enjoys the social and creative community at the Gallery. Amy leads decisive interpretations to each project, creatively choosing her own subject matter, composition and colors. She has a definitive bold style that demonstrates her outgoing personality.

Andrea F.

Andrea joined the Heart Gallery late in 2013 and now attends Thursday evening program. She practiced private art lessons for three years in the past and enjoys the creative process. Andrea frequently incorporates a sense of humor in her artwork, feeling free to expand on reality and create her own interpretation. She is a skilled cartoonist and often focuses on animal and human figures.

Anna L.

Anna attends the Friday half day class and is the light of the class. She paints with large brush strokes which gives her paintings various textures and designs. Her favorite color to paint with is orange and she loves to incorporate it into her work. Anna loves to paint images of cats and various other animals. She comes into class with a smile and a willingness to try any new technique or medium with ease. Anna is very compassionate towards her peers and the instructors.

Ashley T.

Ashley has been an artist at the Studio since January of 2015. She loves vibrant colors and anything that is tie dye-inspired. Though Ashley is soft spoken, her work demonstrates bold, saturated color patterns that reflect her bright inner spirit. Her subject matter often includes florals and rainbows. Ashley is a focused and diligent artist striving for her best. Ashley loves listening to her own music while she creates her masterpieces.

Ben G.

Ben joined the Heart Studio in September 2019. With an already thorough knowledge of art, Ben wanted to focus on enhancing his skills and learning new techniques. He enjoys creating his own unique compositions and experiments with watercolors and acrylics to create beautifully rendered landscapes. Ben helps bring a calm presence to the Studio and loves to help his fellow Artists while sharing his “life is good” outlook.

Ben W.

Ben joined the Heart Gallery summer of 2012. He loves the process of creating artwork and is a very prolific painter! Ben’s style is characterized by decorative paint dabbing and intense colors. He enjoys painting a variety of subject matter from churches to wildlife, but his preferred subject is also his favorite singer—Elvis Presley. Ben is a motivated Artist and enjoys coming to class each week!

Benessia P.

Benessia is a part of Monday class program. She is outgoing and vivacious, and her energy always shows in her artwork. Benessia’s style is achieved through large brushstrokes and color blocking to describe an image. Her palette often includes bright and neon colors. Benessia often includes her favorite sports teams in her work through either direct subject matter or color.

Billy S.

Billy joined the Friday Studio class in July 2014. He enjoys art very much and is working to improve his skills and range of knowledge. A very detail oriented painter, Billy often works from his own original photos. His favorite subject matter are animals and landscape scenes, in which you can see his concentrated, meticulous brush strokes. Billy is self-motivated, positive, and proud of his completed works.

Bob M.

Bob has many interests, and since joining the Friday Studio class in 2010 he has incorporated many of these into his artwork! He especially loves trains and often works from photos of the Strasburg Railroad. Bob is able to focus on tiny details, producing remarkable results even on the most complex subjects. Bob is also an accomplished violinist and occasionally shares his talents at special events at the Heart Gallery.

Briahna S.

Briahna joined the Studio in January 2015. She is an enthusiastic artist who vigorously uses her brush to create unique textures and strokes--her style is extremely impressionistic. She is very inquisitive and willing to do whatever it takes to make a piece successful. Once done with a painting, Bri will always ask, “Are we going to paint more?”; nothing seems to curb her enthusiasm! When she’s in class you see her soul come alive and her genuine excitement for all that occurs in the studio. She loves listening to music and is always ready to discuss whatever she hears.

Candace C.

Candace has been a part of the Heart Gallery since 2012. Candace’s sociability thrives in the context of a diverse population at the studio. Upon learning someone’s name, Candace will often burst into a name song. She can often be caught singing or humming while painting. Candace’s artwork is often represented through bright and pastel colors, broad strokes and scraping techniques. She enjoys the subject matter of wildlife, botany, and landscapes.

Charles G.

Charles joined the Friendship Heart Gallery early in 2011. He loves color and has a special knack for farm scenes and abstract designs. Charles uses very careful, fine brushstrokes to add detail to his works. In the studio, Charles is very polite and complimentary to his fellow classmates, and he takes pride in his work and activities both within and outside of the Gallery.


Chris is an easygoing and friendly member of Monday and Wednesday classes. He joined the program in 2013 and has produced an impressive variety of successful paintings since then! Chris has a natural sense for abstract painting, using bold and rich colors. He also enjoys painting realistic pet portraits, and he takes a lot of pride in seeing his work on display in the Gallery.

Crystal L.

Crystal, more lovingly referred to by her studio mates as “Sweets,” is an extremely focused artist who considers each brushstroke with intention. Sweets enjoys experimenting with a variety of techniques, mediums, and subject matter- -creating a diverse portfolio. Crystal’s style is defined with textural elements where her work demonstrates evidence of dry brush and other low-moisture techniques.

Dan K.

Dan has been a Heart Artist since early 2014. He is very friendly with his studio classmates, always quick to learn new names and ask many thoughtful questions. Dan is a meticulous artist and enjoys creating representational works. He is successful in creating watercolors, acrylic and pen work. Dan always looks forward to showing and selling his artwork!

Deb L.

Deb is an outgoing cowgirl at heart--she loves all things country! This interest translates into all of her work, from Southwestern-inspired jewelry to paintings of horses. Deb loves to use what she calls a “swamp” color palette: blues, greens and browns. Deb is an independent and confident artist. She enjoys making her own artistic choices, however she is also a frequent collaborator with the gallery’s partner artist, Bob Redcay,

Desiree K.

Desiree joined Friendship Heart Studio in April 2019. As an artist, she uses her skillset to create fine details in her painting. This requires much patience and the determination to remain focused. Desiree is an animal enthusiast and especially loves painting images of cats. She is soft spoken and a good listener when it comes to receiving direction on learning new techniques throughout the painting process. Desiree is kind and caring and looks out for the well-being of her peers.

Diana C.

Diana joined the Monday afternoon studio class in the spring of 2014. A pleasant and sunny individual, Diana’s face especially lights up when she finishes a painting! She is a very focused worker and most enjoys painting landscapes, cityscapes and flowers. Diana’s works often have a remarkable texture and depth, a result of her precise and deliberate brushstroke technique.

Donna S.

Donna began as a Heart Artist in February 2014. She has a quiet and mannerly personality, but it is clear that coming to the studio is a highlight of her week! Donna shows great potential in her artwork, as she is both diligent and willing to listen to instruction. She is a realistic painter by nature but also makes very original and bold color choices. Donna excels at capturing the natural world in her paintings, particularly flowers and animals.

Elliott G.

Elliott is a member of the Friday half day class. He is laidback and often the voice of reason in his chaotic class! While at the studio, Elliott freely tosses his brush across the paper and creates unique landscapes that incorporate a variety of distinct textures. Elliott enjoys painting with blues and greens in large patches and enjoys learning new mediums.

Emily A.

Emily is an Artist in the Tuesday class and enjoys challenging herself and others around her. She will often select complex works to be able to challenge herself and grow as an individual and an artist. She enjoys painting portraiture, animals and flowers and usually does so with some dance and sass. Emily is vibrant and lively when she comes to class and enjoys socializing with her friends in program.

Emily H.

Emily is a vivacious artist who has a bit of a theatrical side. You’ll often find her busting a move or breaking out in soulful song in the middle of the studio--all the while, intensely working on her paintings. She always likes to challenge herself to try new techniques. Emily is passionate about her artwork and is constantly striving to grow as an artist. She’s not afraid to voice her opinions and is most excited when one of her pieces is chosen for the Gallery.

Emily Hoy

Emily is a calming presence in the Studio and has been since joining in October of 2019. Emily is very sweet and easy going and enjoys interacting with her fellow Artists while she works on her vastly colorful masterpieces. She is an independent Artist who always comes to to the Studio prepared with what she wants to paint that day and usually can be seen with quite the colorful palette!

Erica M.

Erica joined the program in April 2015 and is a member of the Wednesday Studio class. Erica is a goofy gal who is always up for a laugh. She is an inquisitive artist who is always willing to try new things and loves the color purple. Erica is diligent in the creation of her artwork and, while detail-oriented, is still able to keep a very free flowing artistic style. She loves to socialize with her peers in the studio and is rarely ever without a smile.

Gerry S.

Gerry joined the Heart Gallery in 2011 and attends studio classes every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Gerry is very independent in her artwork but is open to suggestions on trying something new. She favors painting in a realistic style, using small detail brushes. She has also begun experimenting more with watercolors. Gerry is thoughtful and outgoing with her fellow artists and others, and she enjoys showing and selling her work in the Gallery. She comes into the Studio with a smile and sometimes with a photograph of her Boston Terrier, Fred.

Glenda H.

Glenda is an artist in the Thursday evening class. Glenda comes to class with a smile and loves to socialize with her neighbors. She has slow and steady brush strokes that allow her to capture the greatest detail. She is willing to try any new style or medium and loves to challenge her creativity.

Isaac O.

Isaac has been part of the Monday and Tuesday Studio Program since June of 2019. With a steady hand, Isaac creates beautiful unwavering lines in his paintings and can catch the tiniest detail with ease. He enjoys working in a variety of media, but has a special fondness for using colored pencils and pen to create his blending masterpieces. Isaac is one of the most kind and friendly presences in the studio!

Jelani S.

Jelani is an expressive and entertaining artist in the studio. He loves animals and has a special talent for mimicking their sounds! Animals are also his favorite subject matter to paint, especially chickens. Jelani is generous and helpful in the studio, always the first to show concern when a classmate is hurt or upset. Jelani is always excited when he completes a successful painting.

Jenna B.

Jenna is rarely without a smile and an eagerness to paint when she walks into the studio on Thursday evenings. She is an independent painter who enjoys picking her own color palette and usually selects every bright color she can find. Her paintings have a feel of whimsy to them which matches her personality. She loves painting well known public icons and characters from her favorite movies. Jenna loves to find out that she has a painting in an upcoming exhibit!

Jenna G.

Jenna Began attending the Gallery in the summer of 2017. Her determination with art is only matched by her desire to learn. She tends to chose a bright color palette and works on a variety of subject matter. Her laugh is contagious as well as her smile.

Jennifer R.

Jennifer has been attending the Heart Gallery since the fall of 2015. She is passionate about her artwork and takes being an artist very seriously. Her favorite thing to do at the studio is jewelry making and painting sophisticated landscapes. She is a very detail oriented painter and enjoys mixing her own colors to get the perfect hue. Jennifer is very social and charismatic in the classroom and is always willing to share her opinions about the direction of her pieces. She is usually the first one in the door and will greet each peer individually with a smile on her face.

Jessica B.

Jessica attends art class twice a week. She is quiet and very polite. She works well in acrylic, but also in a number of other mediums and styles. She is most successful in her realistic and abstract landscapes. Jessica chooses her inspirations, as well as those suggested by staff. Respectful and friendly, Jessica works well with her fellow Artists and instructors. She enjoys working with large brushes and a variety of materials to create amazing textures and layering effects.

John O.

John joined the Heart program in December 2013, and he enjoys coming to the studio every Thursday. John is very friendly and courteous to his instructors and fellow classmates, but when working he is quiet and focused. John is willing to work in a variety of media, though he most enjoys acrylics. He often chooses a color palette of deep purples and blues, and his compositions are made up of bright, bold brushwork.

Josh D.

Josh takes immense pride in creating art and using his own ideas to further his work. He is confidently ambitious in his creativity and other interests. He often talks about his many talents of writing, singing and dancing. Josh also has a great sense of humor with sharing jokes and keeping the class laughing and smiling.

Justin S.

Justin attends the Friday studio class and has a passion for the color green. He attempts to use green in all his paintings. Justin prefers abstract paintings that leave the viewer unsure of the subject matter. When painting, Justin likes to use a lot of paint and water, creating thick layers across the piece. Justin is very polite and quick to greet his classmates and instructors each week.

Kandi S.

Kandi has been with the Friendship Heart Gallery since 2011 and attends the Tuesday evening class and Thursday class. She is a very positive presence in the studio, frequently complimenting and encouraging others on their work. Kandi absolutely loves the color purple and rarely paints a piece without it! She has created successful paintings in both watercolors and acrylics and has started branching off into other mediums such as alcohol inks.

Karen W.

Karen has been part of the Heart Gallery since 2011. Attending program has allowed her to discover a true passion for creating! A member of the Tuesday class, Karen has a profound love of horses and often includes them in her artwork. She is complimentary of her classmates’ work and takes a lot of pride in her own successes. Karen loves to know as soon as a painting sells, because she saves her Gallery earnings for vacation trips!

Kayshale S.

Kayshale is an independent painter who creates with intense focus and patience. Her primary subject matter includes pop-culture, portraiture, and botany. Kayshale is known for her portraits of Justin Bieber and Jennifer Lopez, two of her favorites from popular music culture. Kayshale has a keen sense of value and contrast in her artmaking, often working in greyscale. She enjoys interacting with her studio mates and often arrives early to make time to socialize.

Keith L.

Keith usually arrives to art class very reserved, but with a paintbrush in his hand he transforms into a talkative jokester. He has been a part of the Tuesday evening class since 2011. Keith takes artistic direction well and enjoys working one-on-one with an instructor or volunteer. He particularly enjoys painting birds of various kinds and can be very inventive with his color schemes.

Kristina M.

Kristina began with the Heart Gallery in January 2014. She is an enthusiastic artist, always willing to try new techniques and combine her ideas with the instructors’ suggestions. Kristina lives on a farm, she often chooses to paint farm animals, and her “Cool Cow” watercolor won 1st place in the 2014 statewide Universal Language contest . Kristina is very proud of her artwork and loves to share her completed paintings with her family!

Kyle H.

Kyle has been part of the studio classes in 2015. He is a diligent and self-determined artist who is extremely detail-oriented and works independently. He enjoys perspective drawings, which he incorporates in his work. He has a light touch with a brush, giving him the ability to produce fine, detailed work. Kyle is kind and considerate of his teachers and peers and is loves greeting everyone who comes into the Studio.

Mary Lou G.

Mary Lou is one of our most experienced Artists, having been with the Heart Gallery since 2010. She attends both Monday and Thursday classes. Mary Lou takes her time and enjoys every moment involved with her artwork. If she isn’t completely happy with how something is turning out, she will repaint it until she is satisfied! Mary Lou especially loves to paint animals, and her style is characterized by tiny, precise brushstrokes and interesting use of flat space.

Matt C.

Matt has a pleasant and sociable presence in the Tuesday evening studio. He enjoys laughter and keeping his studio mates upbeat. Matt loves to socialize with his fellow Artists. He is skilled at representing Lancaster County scenes and culture in a painterly style. He often creates expressionistic work with bright colors and light.

Maureen K.

Maureen is part of the Monday class since June 2018 and is a very focused and detail oriented artist. She enjoys pushing herself as an artist and trying new techniques. She loves using patterns in her work and is usually working on her line work. Maureen has also started trying out new mediums to be able to achieve her desired look.

Micah N.

Micah has been part of the Tuesday evening class since July 2017 and lights up the class with his bright smile. He is highly driven when it comes to art class and gets excited about making art. He is very enthusiastic about painting. He paints with an expressive style, using a mix of realism and abstract.

Michele G.

Michele loves to come into the Studio smiling and has since she started in April of 2019. She is an easy going Artist who loves to learn new techniques and styles and enjoys using acrylic paint the most. Michele is an animal enthusiast and often incorporates this into her paintings. She excels at identifying primary colors and uses them as her color palette. Michele is a compassionate individual who cares about her fellow Artists.

Michelle B.

Michelle has been attending the Heart Studio since October 2016. She is warm and sociable; she is always interested in the happiness and wellbeing of others, and enjoys sharing with her fellow artists with positive words of encouragement. Michelle’s painting styles include the painterly, realism, and abstraction. She uses a variety of techniques, and loves learning new ideas for creating. She enjoys landscapes as a favorite subject matter.

Neal B.

Neal is a dichotomy of sorts, as he manages to be a social butterfly in his class and, at the same time, meticulously work on his artwork. Neal has been part of the Tuesday Evening program since 2012. He takes his time and strives to make sure that every detail is painted perfectly ; he is very dedicated to his craft. Neal also has strong freehand drawing skills. His favorite subject matter is birds—if you hear a bird call in the middle of class, you most certainly know Neal is in the house!

Nick D.

Nick has been part of the Thursday Class since March 2019 and his passion for art is shown in his finely detailed pieces. He loves painting classic cars and will often use his own images for his inspirations. Nick has a very steady hand and paints with very fine brush strokes. His favorite medium to use is acrylic but he also enjoys trying new mediums and techniques. Nick is usually one of the first Artists to arrive in the studio and will enthusiastically greet everyone who comes in.

Randy E.

Randy has been a member of the Monday class since July 2018 and can usually be seen with a smile on his face. His subjects of choice are usually farm and nature scenes. He is very detail oriented and stays focused to be able to paint the fine details. Randy is a very social individuals who loves to talk about his day and communicate with his peers in class.

Rebecca W.

Becky is a soft-spirited member of the Tuesday evening class since August 2017. While she is not the most talkative, when a brush is put in her hand, her smile speaks for itself. She loves painting florals and forests which is a perfect match for her love of large textural abstractions. Becky also enjoys incorporating her clothing colors in her paintings and always gives a big smile when starting or finishing a painting.

Robert P.

Robert is a previous Artist in the Heart Studio who rejoined the Thursday Day Program in May of 2019. He is attentive and dedicated to his work and excels in capturing fine details. Among painting at the gallery, he enjoys photography, country music and bowling. Robert is a loyal Penn State fan and his favorite color is red.

Sarah B.

Sarah has been a lively member of the Thursday evening class since January 2014. In her artwork she is meticulous and focused, often staying a few minutes after the rest of her classmates have left in order to finish a painting. Sarah enjoys both abstract and realistic painting, and she loves to incorporate her favorite color, green, and her favorite singer, Bruno Mars, whenever possible.

Sarah L.

Sarah has been a part of the Gallery since April 2014 and attends the Friday studio class. One of the most outgoing Heart Artists, Sarah loves to come to the studio to see her friends each week! She enjoys the process of painting while surrounded by other artists. Sarah’s artwork is often bright and bold, and she enjoys experimenting with paint scraping techniques. Her work can often be seen with bold circles and other geometric shapes.

Saul V.

Saul has been part of the Wednesday morning class since July 2017. He is very soft spoken and shy when meeting new people. Saul is a caring individual with a great sense of humor. He enjoys using bold and messy brush strokes to create detailed pieces. His favorite medium to use is acrylic paint but he enjoys testing others as well. When he is not at the studio he can be found spending time with his dog Saulina.

Sharon E.

Sharon has been part of the Tuesday evening group since June 2017 and is rarely seen without a smile on her face. She enjoys socializing with her peers but is able to stay focused on her work. Sharon uses big and bold brushstrokes to create her detailed paintings and enjoys a variety of subject matter. Sharon is compassionate and is always willing to help out her fellow classmates.

Sharon L.

Sharon squeals with delight when she finishes her artwork! She is delighted to see what she has accomplished and loves all varieties of art. Sharon is a detailed painter working in painterly and realism styles. Since joining the program in 2011, she has created many successful paintings in both watercolor and acrylic. Sharon is an enthusiastic and fun member of the Thursday studio who loves learning that one of her painting sold!

Shawn D.

Shawn has been part of the Wednesday afternoon program since November 2014. Shawn has a very social and upbeat personality, he is kind and gentle among his fellow studio artists. Art and music are two of his favorite passions. He loves to jam to his iPod during breaks and sing to his favorite group, Alabama. He is attentive, cooperative, and follows directions and suggestions. Shawn forwards an impressionistic style in his paintings with acrylics being his medium of choice.

Stacy P.

Stacy is an energetic member of the Wednesday Studio class. She loves to paint with large brushes and swift strokes, which contribute to her beautiful abstract paintings. Stacy also loves holidays and often requests to do related artwork in anticipation of each season! A Heart Artist since 2011, Stacy is happy and at ease in the studio environment, and she often helps her classmates and instructors throughout the day.

Susan H.

Susan comes to Thursday evening program to have a good time and partake in a belly busting laugh. She has been happily painting in the Studio since September 2015 and enjoys painting a lot of different subjects, but her favorite are pugs (personally owning 4). She uses bold patterns in her paintings with broad and messy strokes. Susan is an involved artist even outside the gallery, and enjoys sketching and cartooning regularly.

Taylor S.

Taylor joined Tuesday’s studio class in April 2015. He is fun-loving and energetic by nature. He loves to interact with his teachers and fellow artists. Taylor produces loose, free-style work and loves to paint with blues and greens. He is highly enthusiastic about his finished pieces! Taylor enjoys painting, especially his favorite subjects using his favorite colors.

Tim D.

Tim is one of our most involved Heart Artists, attending studio classes three days a week. He has been part of the Heart Gallery since 2010. A very prolific painter, Tim has a natural sense of touch and makes free and expressive brushstrokes. Tim is skilled working with acrylic medium and often uses a palette knife to create beautiful textured abstractions. Lately, he has enjoyed branching off into various other mediums as well. Tim is excited about learning photography as the next step in his artistic career.

Vince W.

Vincent is known for his funny and upbeat personality and loves to join in on a good laugh. Vince has a bright sense of light in his painting, using brush strokes with an emotive quality to create depth and movement. He is successful with landscape and floral subjects which demonstrate his impressionistic style beautifully. Vince has been a Tuesday studio artist at the Heart Studio since 2011.

Wendy S.

Wendy is a fast painter; using loose, bold brush strokes and lots of color to develop her expressionistic personal style. Her favorite subject matter includes flowers and animals. Wendy enjoys socializing with her teachers and fellow artists in class. She is a vivacious and clever member of the studio. Wendy joined the Thursday class in May 2015 and she joined the Wednesday class in June 2019.