Feature Heart Artists

January Feature Heart Artists

Justin S.

Justin started attending Studio in October 2016 and has had a passion for the color green. He attempts to use green in all his paintings. Justin prefers abstract paintings that leave the viewer unsure of the subject matter. When painting, Justin likes to use a lot of paint and water, creating thick layers across the piece. Justin is very polite and quick to greet his classmates and instructors each week.

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"Road Less Traveled"

"Blue Calm"

"City Silhouette"

Jelani S.

Jelani is an expressive and entertaining artist in the studio and has been since joining in April 2011. He loves animals and has a special talent for mimicking their sounds! Animals are also his favorite subject matter to paint, especially chickens. Jelani is generous and helpful in the studio, always the first to show concern when a classmate is hurt or upset. Jelani is always excited when he completes a successful painting.

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"Mid-Day Shadows"

"Show Your Colors"