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Gerry, a Heart Artist since 2011, likes using a variety of mediums to create paintings of elephants. Gerry is inspired by God and enjoys seeing her fellow Artists as well as selling her artworks. Outside of the Gallery & Studio, Gerry enjoys crafting activities such as knitting, crocheting and embroidery. She also likes watching The Waltons and spending time with her Boston Terrier, Fred.

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"Mermaid's Play"

"City Blues"

"The Drain"


Daniel, a Heart Artist since 2014, loves to create pieces using most of the mediums available at the Studio. He is inspired by his original artwork, especially those of cows. He likes to walk the Gallery space to observe pieces by his fellow Heart Artists. Outside of the Gallery & Studio, Dan enjoys watching his favorite movies with his housemates and listening to music.

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"In Her Natural Habitat"

"Shelf Shelter"