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Emily, a Heart Artist since December 2014, often uses acrylics and watercolors, typically purple and pink, to create her paintings. She enjoys painting the Heart Gallery’s logo and is inspired by her fellow Artists. She appreciates what the Gallery & Studio stand for and looks forward to break time. Outside the Gallery & Studio, Emily enjoys spending her time listening to music, singing, dancing and acting.

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"Dark, Sky, Shadows"

"Flip, Flip, Model"

"Upon Poppy Hill"


Stacy, a Heart Artist since 2011, enjoys using a variety of medium to create floral arrangement pieces. Outside the Gallery & Studio, Stacy enjoys camping at the beach, completing jigsaw puzzles and listening to music. She also likes to spend time with her family, especially while celebrating holidays throughout the year.

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"Beautiful Basics"


“A Cheerful Bunch”