Feature Heart Artists

August Feature Heart Artists


Nick, an Artist since 2019, likes to feature cars using acrylic paints. He is inspired by other artists and their works. Nick enjoys working with the Studio Instructors and is happiest when his pieces are hung in the Gallery. Outside the Gallery & Studio, Nick is an epic gamer who also appreciates art, golfing and singing.

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"Hot Rod Car"

"Wakeful Waters"

"The Green Pick-up Truck"


Emily, a Heart Artist since 2018, enjoys creating floral arrangements and animals using watercolors. Emily loves to attend the Studio to see and paint with her fellow Heart Artists. Outside the Gallery & Studio, Emily likes to play games, including Uno and Sorry, go swimming and powerboating. She is happiest with people, cats and dogs

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"Finding Gerald"

"The Wild Calls"

"City Glow"