Feature Heart Artists

April Feature Heart Artists

Mary Lou G.

Mary Lou Garber, one of the original 12 Heart Artists from 2007, loves to use watercolors to create detailed flowers and butterflies. She is inspired to paint by photographs in magazines. Mary Lou appreciates the social aspects of the Studio, specifically spending time with friends. Outside the Gallery & Studio, Mary Lou enjoys most art, including coloring, drawing and painting. She also likes to go out to eat at restaurants with Team Members and fellow housemates.

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"Harvesting Honey"

"Church Flowers"

"Staying in Line"

Ben W.

Ben Witmer joined the Heart Gallery summer of 2012. He loves the process of creating artwork and is a very prolific painter! Ben’s style is characterized by decorative paint dabbing and intense colors. He enjoys painting a variety of subject matter from churches to wildlife, but his preferred subject is also his favorite singer—Elvis Presley. Ben is a motivated Artist and enjoys coming to class each week!

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"Got to Go Fast"

"Beautiful Butterfly"

"City in Motion"