Some of the Heart Artists collaborated with Lancaster Community Artists, Julia Elizabeth Morrell, Colin Morrell and Maria Tomassetti, on a garden mural project. The mural took place mid September on the 300 block of North Mary Street in Lancaster City, PA.

This community project uplifted the Heart Artists and showcased their talents and capabilities to the world. The mural features original designs by the artists as well as sculptural flowers by another local metal working artist.

"It's such a meaningful project to these beautiful artists and humans whose art will be loud and proud out in Lancaster City on a building!" says local partner artist, Allison Rohland.

Thank you to everyone who volunteered, donated or just showed up to show your support for this community project. The Heart Artists had immense fun getting out of the Studio and trying their hands at a brand new canvas. If you're in the Downtown Lancaster City area, we encourage you to stop by and check out this this incredible project in person.

Please enjoy some photos from the painting days below!

Monday Heart Artists

Tuesday Heart Artists

Wednesday Heart Artists

Thursday Heart Artists

Friday Heart Artists

Completed Mural

Thank You to the Community Mural Sponsors and Partners!