COVID-19 Updates

In response to COVID-19 precautions ... DAY SERVICES (Friendship Heart Gallery & Studio and Meaningful Day Academy) are TEMPORARILY CLOSED until further notice. (Artwork may still be purchased online.)


Friendship Heart Gallery & Studio is an extension of Friendship Community, which assists in Expressing Capabilities through artistic expression to Artists with Intellectual Disability and/or Autism. Serving over 70 Professional Artists, Friendship Heart Gallery & Studio provides day services 5 days a week and evening club 2 evenings a week. The main Studio & Gallery is located in the Heart of Downtown Lancaster, at 118 N. Water Street. A secondary retail location is located in Lititz, at the Shoppes at Bloomfield Village. The artwork throughout this website has been created by these remarkable Individuals with assistance.

Friendship Heart Gallery promotes:
- Artistic skills
- Self-expression
- Economic independence
- Personal value

The Friendship Heart Gallery maintains copyright for all artwork on behalf of the Heart Gallery Artists. Original artwork as well as images on this website may not be used or reproduced without our written consent. The art is produced with the assistance or collaboration of professional art instructors.