Feature Exhibit

Current Feature Exhibit

What an exciting month this is for the Friendship Heart Gallery! The theme for March is “Celebrate Every Talent” and coordinates with our 18th Annual Art Auction, to be held virtually March 18-25, 2021.


Unlike any other year, every Friendship Studio Heart Artist who has artistic pieces in the FHG and wants to participate in the Annual Art Auction will be featured. We invite you to come visit the Lancaster Gallery Location or view the Art online. Find new works by your favorite Artist or become familiar with Artists and their talents you haven’t yet discovered.

All of the pieces of artwork that we are featuring in our auction are available for viewing online now and will be available for in-person viewing Monday-Friday 9 AM until 4 PM. Please call Claudia Palacio at 717-945-6933 or email Gallery@Friendshipart.net to schedule an appointment for a private showing.


Below are some of the paintings featured in this year's Art Auction! There are currently 65 total pieces so check out friendshipart.net/bid to see all of the pieces and register for a bidder number!

"Zesty Warmth" by Justin S.

"Rightful Pride" by Ashley T.

"Imagine" by Billy S.

"Under the Haze" by Erica M.

"Mother Goddess" by Sharon L.

"Bella Bookworm" by Diana C.

"Miracle Bloom" by Emily A.

"Waiting for the Rain" by Jessica B.

"Central Market" by Taylor S.

"Springtime Blossoms" by Adam M.

"Life Reflection" by Sharon E.

"Expressive Floral" by Susan H.

"The Darkling Thrush" by Vince W.