What Does “Shop Small” Mean to Heart Artist Karen?

What Does “Shop Small” Mean to Heart Artist Karen?

Vacations, Happiness and Smiles... Oh My!

We frequently hear the phrase ‘shop small’; especially when it comes time for the holiday season to begin. But how can you impact a small Art Studio and the lives of the Heart Artists when you shop small with us?

Have you met Heart Artist Karen? She has been part of the Studio since 2011 and enjoys going on vacation to various destination spots. Now how does your support impact Karen and her fellow Artists? Easy. When you purchase an item from Friendship Heart Gallery, whether it be online or in store, you are not only telling Karen that her art matters, but you are also helping her fund her trips and adventures. Every item bought from our store gives money directly back to the Heart Artists. When they sell one of their original Artworks, the Artist get a portion of the sale mailed directly to them for their own personal use; for things like their favorite Turkey Hill drink, a vacation, or new coloring and activity books! The other portion of the sale goes directly back to the Studio to further fund the Program and purchase necessary supplies. So not only are you supporting that Artist by purchasing their artwork you are also helping the Program as a whole. Being a non-profit, we truly rely on your generous patronage and donations to help the Artists bloom and grow!

Thank YOU for purchasing one of a kind original masterpieces from these incredibly talented Heart Artists. Thank YOU for sharing their stories and what their art means to you. Thank YOU for helping Artists like Karen go on exciting and memorable trips. YOU make a difference in the lives of over 70 Professional Artists with Intellectual Disability and Autism and help them reach their goals.

Have a wonderful rest of your week and don’t forget that artwork, jewelry or home décor items are sure to please anyone on your shopping list this year!

Stay warm out there!




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